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Statewide Parent Training and Information
Advocating for Children with Disabilities to Build a Better Future

About the Oklahoma Parents Center

The Oklahoma Parents Center (OPC) is a federally funded Parent Training and Information Center. We are funded through the US Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) and Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE).

What We Do

Our goal is to educate and support parents, families and professionals in building partnerships that meet the needs of children and youth with the full range of disabilities ages’ birth to 26.

How Can We Help

The OPC helps families work with early intervention, education, and transition systems and services. We strive to ensure that families receive training and information on their rights, responsibilities, and protections under IDEA so they can actively participate in planning and decision making that affects their children.

We also help youth and young adults with disabilities get high-quality services that increase their capacity to be effective self-advocates.

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Parent materials, parent letter assistance, trainings and more.

Youth recreation, transition, self-advocacy and more.
Why should you take a survey about the services your child received?  Because your opinion matters!
Annual conference, newsletters and more.
Resources for distance learning, special education and more.

Some of these will be provided by the OPC, but others may be from our trusted partner organizations.

Brochures & fact sheets, handouts and more.
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