Updated Friday, April 24, 2020

What is distance learning?

Distance learning is any method of learning that happens outside the traditional school building. The approach to distance learning will be different from school to school and district to district because student and staff access to technology and training will be different.

Resources from the Oklahoma State Department of Education

Engaging families will be essential to successful implementation of distance learning. Partnerships with families will be critical as you work together to make sure learning continues for the remainder of the school year and beyond. The link below will take you to the page to see resources for School Districts and Teachers!


Family Guides for Distance Learning

The Oklahoma Parents Center (OPC) understands that the transition from caregiver/parent to homeschool facilitator is not always smooth. To assist families in this transition, user-friendly family guides on developing your schedule and using reinforcement at home strategically have been created in collaboration with the Oklahoma State Department of Education – State Personnel Development Grant (OSDE-SPDG) and Oklahoma Pediatric Therapy Center (OPTC). 

Dr. Mary Ann Shepherd with OPTC has created a YouTube channel to provide everyday strategies to address common parenting challenges! It was initially created during the COVID-19 crisis so many of the early videos are targeted towards adjusting to the unique challenges presented during social isolation. However, the strategies and principles discussed are all founded in the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis and targeted at general behavior management.


Comprehensive Distance Learning Family Behavior Guide

Strategic Scheduling
Are you trying to set up a schedule for your kids but nothing seems to be working?  Or are you having trouble even knowing where to start?  Does everyone else seem to look like a Pinterest mom and you are just barely scraping by?  Scheduling can be overwhelming and sometimes frustrating, the following resource is designed to help every parent be successful in setting up their schedules.

Effective Reinforcement
Chore charts, task lists, rewards, allowances, schoolwork… it all seems so aspirational but how do you set it up effectively? How can you teach your children to be responsible? Use the following resource to effectively set up expectations, rewards, and reinforcement in your home.

This channel, the above resources, and the videos were made possible through a partnership with the Oklahoma Department of Education – State Personnel Development Grant (OSDE-SPDG), the Oklahoma Parents Center (OPC), and Oklahoma Pediatric Therapy Center (OPTC). They are funded by a contract with the Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE) under a grant from the US Department of Education, H323A170008. Contents do not necessarily represent OSDE policy or the policy of the US Department of Education, and you should not assume endorsement by the Federal Government. Project Officer, Jennifer Coffey.

Essential Resources for Families

As schools move to distance learning in the wake of COVID-19, families and caregivers are now facing a new role in ensuring their children are taking the necessary steps to finish schoolwork each day at home.

Learn how to maximize your child’s at-home learning time by following the tips for families below.

Free Digital Books

Under the Temporary Access category, you’ll discover thousands of free ebooks courtesy of EBSCO and resources on Distance Learning as well as COVID-19. Go to digitalprairieok.net/discover

Resources For Learning At Home
provided by Edmond Public School

Their website General Resources For All – Great For When School Is Closed and On A Break: March 23 – April 3 has a multitude of resources for teachers, students, and parents! Starting the week of April 6th, new content will be released every Monday to help students learn 4th quarter skills and help families facilitate learning. Use the buttons below or the website menu to access the resources each week.