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Do you need to take a Survey???

If you need to take the SoonerStart Family Survey or the Parent Survey for Special Education Services, you are in the right place!

The surveys are produced through a partnership between the Oklahoma State Department of Education – Special Education Services division (OSDE-SES) and the Oklahoma Parents Center (OPC).

Please visit our Surveys Introduction page for more information and links to the surveys!

Questions and Answers About the Surveys:

1.   What are these Surveys about?

The Oklahoma State Department of Education has two (2) Surveys for parents and caregivers of children with disabilities depending on the age of your child and who provides services to your child.

  • The SoonerStart Survey is for parents and caregivers of children from birth to 3 years old who are currently receiving services through SoonerStart.
  • The Parent Survey for Special Education is for parents and caregivers of children from ages 3 through 21 who are currently receiving services through their school district.

2.  Why are you doing this survey?

We have been asked by the Oklahoma State Department of Education to conduct the evaluation of SoonerStart services and Special Education services. The surveys provide valuable information for the State Performance Plan, as required by the US Department of Education Office of Special Education Programs.

3.   Is there more than one version of this survey?

We have two versions of the survey:  SoonerStart surveys-Birth to 3 years old and Parent Survey for Special Education-Ages 3-21. Both versions are in English and Spanish.

4.   Are there other ways to complete the survey other than filling out a paper copy and mailing it in?

Parents have 3 options for completing the survey.

1.  Parents can request a paper copy, fill it out, and mail it in using the business reply envelope we provide.

2. Parents can also access the survey over the web at this link.

3. Parents can take the survey over the phone by calling 877-553-4332 during business hours.

5.   What information do parents need to take the survey online?

The surveys are designed to be user-friendly and parents and caregivers simply click on each answer/response.   You do not need a login or a password to complete the survey.

6.   What if parents want to do the survey by phone?

Parents and caregivers can call our toll-free number, 877-553-4332 or 405-379-6015, and a trained interviewer can conduct the survey over the phone.

7.   What have you been doing to increase your response rate?

We have been attempting to increase our response rate in a variety of ways. In addition to mailing out paper versions of the survey upon request, we have a staff of telephone interviewers who are reminding callers to complete the survey.

SoonerStart offices and School Districts are trying various ways to engage families in completing more surveys as well.

8.   If a parent or caregiver has a question, who can he or she contact?

If a parent has a question, that parent can call our toll-free number, 877-553-4332 or 405-379-6015. The OPC staff members will be available to answer their question(s).

9.   What if the parents or caregivers have already lost or discarded their Survey brochures — can you send new ones?

If a parent or caregiver needs a new copy of the Survey brochure, he or she can call our toll-free number 877-553-4332 or 405-379-6015 and request that the brochure be mailed or to complete the survey by phone.  The Parent Survey can also be downloaded from this website.  If a SoonerStart site or School District needs additional brochures, please call our toll-free number or email to order more.

10.   What is the timeline for this survey?

Survey brochures are automatically mailed out in early August. However, parents and caregivers have until the end of June to complete the survey. We will continue to conduct the survey over the phone until then.

11.   What if I have more than one child on an IFSP or an IEP?

If you have one child, then you complete one survey.  If you have 2 children, you complete two surveys.  If you have 3 children, you complete three surveys and so on.  You complete a survey for each child, based on your individual experience with the LEA and that child.





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