Reading Sufficiency Act

Reading Sufficiency Act (RSA)

What is the Purpose of RSA?

The purpose of the Reading Sufficiency Act (RSA) is to ensure that all Oklahoma students are reading on grade level at the end of third grade (a critical juncture when students go from learning to read to reading to learn).  RSA supports Oklahoma children in Kindergarten through third grade.

The law outlines the adults’ responsibilities in a student’s academic career, leading up to and including third grade, who endorse the student reading on a third grade level before entering fourth grade.  Reading sufficiency significantly reduces the possible need for remediation in middle and high school and lowers the risk of a student dropping out of school because he or she is unable to read.

What Does This Mean?

If a third grade student does not meet one of these requirements for automatic promotion then the student will either receive probationary promotion or be retained in the third grade.  Oklahoma law states a student may qualify for automatic promotion to the fourth grade if one of these four conditions are met:

1.  Demonstration of Third Grade Level Proficiency on a Screening/Benchmark Assessment

Each school must have allowable Accommodations for the screening/benchmark assessments AND these Accommodations must be provided to students based on their Individualized Education Program (IEP).

2.  Qualification through use of a student portfolio

3.  Scoring Limited Knowledge on the OCCT

4.  Application of the 7 Good-Cause Exemptions

Some third graders who score Unsatisfactory on the OCCT reading may be exempted from the retention requirement and be promoted to fourth grade. This is called a good-cause exemption.

How SDE Can Help

The Oklahoma State Department of Education (SDE) is assisting school districts as they work to ensure all students are able to meet third-grade reading requirements.

Links for More Information

This material was updated by the Oklahoma State Department of Education on September 3, 2015. Go to this link to the OSDE to review the page,  This location that has more information about the Reading Sufficiency Act.