Why should you take a survey about the services your child received?

Because your opinions matter!

Whether your child is in SoonerStart or in a public school district, one of the best ways to share your opinions with us is to take the appropriate parent or family survey each year. We use this information to guide SoonerStart, districts and the state toward improvement and to recognize areas of accomplishment. Without knowledge of your experience, we cannot identify programs’ areas of weakness and strength.

The survey consists of less than 15 questions and should take you about 10 minutes to complete. Your responses are entirely anonymous, unless you choose to share your contact information. None of the information that could be linked to you will ever be shared with SoonerStart, district or school personnel. Your participation is voluntary, and you can stop the survey at any time (though we really appreciate complete surveys!).

The surveys are a collaborative effort of the Oklahoma State Department of Education’s Special Education Services (OSDE-SES) and the Oklahoma Parents Center. The responses are collected in alignment with federal regulations and are reported collectively to districts, SoonerStart offices, and the U.S. Dept. of Education. Districts and SoonerStart sites can use this information to improve parent and family engagement in service design and provision.

Which survey should you take?

  • If your child is younger than three, the SoonerStart Family Survey asks for your feedback about the quality of the SoonerStart program.
  • If your child is three or older, the Parent Survey for Special Education Services asks for your feedback on the quality of support schools and IEP team members have provided you throughout the IEP process.

Click here for Questions and Answers about the Surveys!

How do I take the Survey?

SoonerStart Family Survey – Birth to 3 years old
(Familias SoonerStart –  Nacimiento hasta los 3 años de edad)



Parent Survey for Special Education Services – Ages 3 through 21
(Familias de la escuela – niños de 3 a 21)



Survey Brochures

Parent Survey Brochure

Folleto de Encuesta para Padres

Family Survey Brochure

Folleto de Encuesta Familiar

 Hard copies of the surveys can be downloaded by clicking the links below:

SoonerStart Family Survey

Encuesta Familiar de SoonerStart

Parent Survey for Special Education

Encuesta para Padres de Servicios de Educacion Especial


School districts and SoonerStart sites may request additional Parent Survey Brochures in English and Spanish by completing the form below:

Parent Survey Brochure Order Form