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Community Meetings for Parents

Analysis shows that race-related patterns of differential treatment in special education exist in Oklahoma.

Of note:

–In recent years, Native American students have been over-identified in a variety of disability areas in districts across eastern Oklahoma.

–Asian students across Oklahoma were more than twice as likely as Non-Asian students to be identified with Autism last year.

–Twenty percent of all Black or African-American students with IEPs in Oklahoma were suspended out of school last year as compared to about 6.5 percent of all other students with IEPs.


To address these inequities, Oklahoma is gathering stakeholders’ input into how to measure and define race-based differential treatment at the district level in identification, educational setting, and discipline. With this information, the state, local districts, and community supporters can respond more effectively.


Attend a community or district meeting in your area to discuss the revised federal regulations and Oklahoma’s equity challenges in schools. This is your chance to voice your opinion on how differential treatment (“significant disproportionality”) should be measured and defined in special education in Oklahoma. Help us answer this question: When does a district with inequity need to take action? A few months from now, we will begin to discuss what we can do about it.

We hope you will join us in these critical conversations about special education in Oklahoma. Here is a flyer with details of all upcoming meetings. Please share with colleagues and concerned citizens in your organization, your region, and around the state. We want to hear from a wide variety of perspectives in all communities and districts.


Please direct questions to Ginger Elliott-Teague: 405-521-4871 or ginger.elliott-teague@sde.ok.gov.

Oklahoma ABLE Tech AT News 

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ABLE Tech’s goal is to make the process easier for those who are searching for ways to fund assistive technology devices and services.  Therefore, they have just release the 8th edition of OK Funding for AT!  It is now available free online at:  http://FundingGuide.okstate.edu.

“Just In Time” Tool

There is a new hearing-related resource for families that was shared with ABLE Tech through the Deaf & Hard of Hearing Transition Council. It’s called the  “Just in Time” tool [PDF] and it contains the most essential resources identified by both families and professionals to address hearing-related needs. This tool is designed for broad-based family organizations, such as Family Voices and Parent Training and Information Centers. Additionally, it can be useful for primary care providers and early interventionists to connect families with D/HH essential resources. A Spanish version is available at http://www.infanthearing.org/familysupport/JustInTime_Spanish.pdf.

Oklahoma Deaf Blind TA Project

The Oklahoma Deaf-Blind Technical Assistance Project is a federally funded project that provides technical assistance and training to families, administrators, educators and service providers of children (birth to 21) who have a loss in both vision and hearing.  In addition, the project maintains the national census of children in the state of Oklahoma who are deaf-blind.  If you suspect you are serving a child with losses in both vision and hearing, refer the child to the project.  Once the child is referred and qualifies, the project provides free technical assistance.  The referral forms are on our website: okdeafblind@ou.edu.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Oklahoma Deaf-Blind Technical Assistance Project at:

Email:  okdeafblind@ou.edu

Website: www.ou.edu/okdbp/

Facebook: Oklahoma Deaf-Blind Technical Assistance Project

Phone:  405-325-0441

FAX: 405-325-6655