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Photo of Ellen Kimbrell


Ellen Kimbrell, dedicated and experienced, embarked on her journey with the Oklahoma Parents Center (OPC) in 2001, initially as an Information Training Specialist, progressing to her current role as the esteemed Associate Director. In this capacity, she passionately imparts advocacy skills to parents and students, emphasizing the importance of self-advocacy from the outset.


Fulfilling her reasonable service at the OPC, Ellen cherishes the multitude of opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals, learning invaluable lessons from countless encounters. Notable among these connections is her boss, mentor, and friend, Sharon, the driving force behind the OPC’s mission.


Beyond her professional pursuits, Ellen is a devoted wife of forty-three years to Bo and a loving mother to two sons, Jake and Billy. Billy’s journey with a rare skin disorder and profound hearing loss at birth fuels Ellen’s fervor for advocating for people with disabilities.

Ellen’s strength lies not just in her professional role but in her firsthand experience of living and working with a person with disabilities. Possessing exceptional communication skills, she finds fulfillment in engaging with families and professionals statewide. Serving as the Associate Director since 2001, Ellen’s commitment endures as she tirelessly advocates for the rights of all children, offering support to families navigating the complexities of Special Education.

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