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Terri Kinder


Terri Kinder, a mother of three, resides in Temple, Oklahoma, with her husband and youngest daughter. Her eldest son continues to navigate challenges stemming from CMV & IgG Immune Deficiency into his adulthood. Reflecting on her early years as a parent, Terri acknowledges a lack of awareness regarding available resources. However, seeing her son’s ongoing journey has emphasized to her how important it is to learn, speak up for yourself, and have a strong support system. Empathizing with families going through similar experiences, Terri has been the Western Regional Coordinator for the Oklahoma Family Network (OFN) since 2015. In this role, she assists families raising children with disabilities, medical conditions, and mental health diagnoses by providing support, training, and advocacy.

In 2011, Terri co-founded Rockin T Cure for Kids, a local nonprofit in southwest Oklahoma, offering resources and emotional support to families dealing with chronic medical conditions or childhood cancer. Her dedication to her community earned her the Temple Citizen of the Year Award in 2016, recognizing her compassion and service.

Taygen Kinder


Terri will be joined by her daughter, Taygen. Taygen Kinder, an energetic 14-year-old, derives satisfaction from engaging in activities and providing support to others. She has acquired impressive advocacy skills, showcasing proficiency not just in advocating for herself but also in supporting individuals grappling with challenges. Taking on leadership responsibilities within her community, Taygen has conducted presentations emphasizing the significance of self-advocacy, successfully engaging audiences of various backgrounds.

Her empathy extends inclusively, encompassing strangers with varied disabilities. Through her unwavering dedication, Taygen champions their cause and assists them in surmounting obstacles, whether encountered in
educational settings or everyday life. This profound altruism underscores Taygen’s genuine compassion for humanity.

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