Speaker Profile

Tiffany Jenkins, CALT, C-SLDS


Tiffany, a dyslexia therapist and an advocate for enhancing reading instruction for all students, collaborates with families and educators in public and private schools. Her work involves individual therapy, systemic change, and reshaping educational systems to better support students with dyslexia.

Tiffany focuses on engaging stakeholders in meaningful processes, utilizing curriculum selection, assistive technology, and accessible educational materials to create an inclusive learning environment. She is part of Oklahoma’s Accessible Educational Material (AEM) Cohort Leadership and Oklahoma’s IDEA Part B Advisory Panel, including its Dyslexia Workgroup. Tiffany is a State Leader and Parent Advocate for Decoding Dyslexia Oklahoma and serves on the Bookshare Advisory Committee.

Her dedication goes beyond improving reading outcomes; she strives to ensure that schools are prepared to assist all students, providing them with the necessary tools for academic success and personal growth.

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